At Weisenberger Health we wonder: How sedentary is your life?

Is your life more sedentary than what you think? Did you know that more than half of the average person’s waking hours are spent sitting? Whether it is sitting at the desk or on the couch, driving, commuting on public transport, or eating.

We all know that sitting at a desk doing computer work all day is not good for your back and neck. While Weisenberger Health chiropractic treatments may help with this type of ailments, it seems that sitting for too long has more adverse effects than the ones we just mentioned.

Sitting for long hours every day has increases the risk of having cardiovascular problems, as well as putting you at risk of developing type 2 diabetes, cancer and even dementia. And this is true even if you have a regular exercise regime.

The authors of a research from Harvard Medical School strongly suggest "standing or moving around for one to three minutes every half hour while you’re at work."

So here is a suggestion from the Weisenberger Health team: why not set the alarm on your phone to go off every 30 minutes, get on your feet and get yourself a glass of good filtered water?

It is a great way of creating a less sedentary life for yourself, as well as keep up your water intake!

Source: (retrieved on 17/8/15)

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