Linda De Marco

Linda has passion for facilitating positive change and is committed to ongoing learning and skill development to further develop and enhance her expertise.

She has worked for a decade as a teacher of languages in both primary and secondary schools, and she has been providing natural therapies part time for the last 7 years. As a teacher, she  learnt to read the vibe of a group of students and bring the purpose of a group’s meeting into awareness  ... and then focus on achieving that purpose. 

Linda has been working on the Weisenberger Health team since 2014

Linda provides a range of natural therapies, the relevance of each she discusses with clients to ensure the issues for which they seek healing are addressed in the most effective and efficient way. 

She may combine services to deliver the improved sense of wellbeing you are seeking from your consultation.


All therapies Linda employs are designed and provided to ensure you realise the benefits as quickly as possible. Many people who attend mindfulness mediation and reiki sessions report an immediate sense of greater relaxation and wellbeing.


More complex difficulties may require additional consultations.


BA (Hons) - MA - Graduate Diploma of Education - Diploma of Counselling - Diploma of Soul Focused Psychotherapy - Diploma of Meditation and Mindfulness - Reiki Master - Certificate of Hypnotherapy - Graduate Certificate in Teaching Religious Education


Linda is a full member of I.I.C.T. - The International Institute for Complementary Therapists.

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226 High Street, Belmont 3216 - Geelong, Victoria