As a Master Reiki, Linda uses the Reiki technique of ‘hands-on’ healing through which ‘universal energy’ is transferred through the palms of her hands to the patient body in order to encourage  and effect emotional or physical healing.

A form of alternative medicine developed in Japan in 1922, Reiki is described in some quarters as pseudoscience the benefits of which have not been demonstrated by scientific testing. However, many people all around the world believe in this form of treatment and eschew its healing benefits. 


During a typical Reiki session, you have the choice to either stay seated on a comfortable seat, or lie down on a massage table. Most people prefer to lie down as it is more relaxing. Some soft, relaxing music will be playing in the background. The treatment can be delivered through some physical touch of hands, feet, head, legs, arms, back and tummy, or it can be touch-less, or it can be a mixture of the hands off and hands on approach. This is fully your choice and you are able to change your mind at any stage during the treatment. 


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