Mindfulness and Meditation

"One of Linda’s many special skills is the way she uses her voice to generate feelings of emotional safety, support and nourishment during mindfulness sessions. As well as what she says, the tone and pace of her speech create a sense of reassurance and comfort as she guides me to focus on my being". 

Sandra, Geelong

Linda uses both mindfulness and meditation to turn the client’s focus of attention inwards, create a sense of calmness, and establish distance from external stressors. 

By bringing your awareness to a ‘sense of being’ instead of ‘a sense of doing’, Linda assists people to get in touch with their personal values and goals. In doing so she helps them identify and adopt the lifestyle choices to support the achievement and realisation of these values and goals. Her guidance has also assisted people to identify and then pursue their life purpose.

 Please note: no previous experience is required. The ability to sit in the Lotus position (cross legged) is not a requirement


Linda has bee running a weekly Mindfulness and Meditation Class for the last 3 years. This class is held on Mondays, from 12.30 to 1.30 pm.


This class is run during school terms at the Virginia Todd Hall through the Geelong West Neighbourhood House.  Please send us an e-mail to register your interest in attending this class, or a night time  class (details for the night time class TBA). 

Please note that recorded mindfulness session digital files (eg. audio file for a deep, uninterrupted, restful sleep) are available for purchase. Contact us for more details.


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